Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Davidson, M.D. - Head of the Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Davidson is a Professor of Psychiatry at the Tel Aviv University. He trained in Tel Aviv in internal medicine and cardiology and at Mount Sinai in New York in psychiatry. His areas of interest are Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease, on which he published over 250 articles in peer reviewed journals. He has been an advisor to most pharmaceutical companies active in the CNS arena and participated in all phases of drug development. He is in charge of training CTR staff and investigators in all areas related to CNS indications.

Adam Cohen, M.D., PhD
Dr. Cohen is the CEO for the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR) and a professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Leiden University since 1988. He graduated in Pharmacy and Medicine from Leiden University and trained in internal medicine at King’s College Hospital in London. After graduating, he joined the department of Clinical Pharmacology for Wellcome Research Laboratories in Beckenham, UK where he obtained experience in early drug development. He has authored more than two hundred publications on a wide range of clinical pharmacological subjects.

Joop van Gerven, M.D., PhD
Dr. Gerven trained in internal medicine and neurology and also completed a PhD-thesis on aldose reductase inhibitor treatment in diabetes mellitus and has published 130 in peer reviewed articles. Dr. Gerven is the Director of CNS research at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden since 1994. He is responsible for consultancy and research on central nervous system drug development and methodology. He is a staff consultant neurologist at Leyden Medical Center. Since 2004, he is Professor of Clinical Psychoneuropharmacology at Leiden University.

Stefan Leucht, M.D.
Dr. Leucht is Vice Chair and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Munich. Dr. Leucht's research focus is psychopharmacology and evidence-based medicine with a focus on meta-analyses, clinical trials and the improvement of methodology. He also has a research interest in pharmacogenetics, compliance enhancement strategies and medical decision making.

John Davis, M.D.
Dr. Davis is a Professor of Psychiatry at University of Illinois, Chicago is considered the father of modern psychopharmacology.In the 1970’s, he published major textbooks and hundreds of seminal articles on the clinical use of antidepressants and antipsychotics. As a mathematician in addition to psychpharmacologist, he has established the tradition of meta-analysis in psychiatry which has strengthened the practice of evidence based psychiatry. Over the years, as an investigator, consultant or reviewer he has been part of the development of every generation of novel psychotropic.

Abraham Karasik, M.D., MPH
Dr. Karasik is a Professor of Endocrinology as well as the department head and the Vice-Dean at the Tel-Aviv University. Dr. Karasik is a world renowned expert in diabetes and obesity and the holder of several patents in the field. In addition to his prolific academic career he has worked at Merck and Teva and consulted for most pharmaceutical companies.

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